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    Therapy for Adult ADHD

    Your brain isn’t wired like other brains. This doesn’t mean that the way you think or do things is wrong and it certainly does not need to be a source of shame. But for many with ADHD, managing every day life can feel like a non-stop struggle. They feel like they are always apologizing for something in social situations and exhausting themselves by overcompensating in one way or another at work because they are sure they are falling short somewhere else. Every time they think they have all their ducks in a row, something happens to deflate that confidence and they feel defeated all over again.

    Find your version of success

    This isn’t about “fixing” your ADHD. It isn’t about just working hard and being disciplined and all of a sudden you are a totally different person. Odds are you are already trying really hard.

    It is about understanding yourself better and cracking your unique code to learn what is going to work for you to make your life feel more enjoyable and your goals feel more attainable. Whether you are being treated with medication, prefer not to, or aren’t even 100% certain if you have ADHD, therapy can be helpful. 

    There is an abundance of information available about how to optimize the ADHD brain. You have likely come across some of it. Sometimes it feels like a lecture, sometimes it feels like there is so much you “should” be doing that it is hard to be consistent with any one thing.

    This is where I come in! We can work together to identify what changes you want to make, what shifts in thinking and in action will be most helpful to get there, and all the things that are awesome about you that you might be missing.

    If you would like to learn more about how therapy can help you to embrace your ADHD and meet your goals, please contact me for a free consult call. I look forward to hearing from you.