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    I’m so glad you are here. My name is Suzie and I work with people with busy, anxious minds. If we are talking labels, that means people who are working through anxiety, ADHD, trauma, and self-doubt. But let’s talk about what this actually feels like:

    A brain that will not stop: You are constantly thinking about so many things that it sometimes feels impossible to focus on one idea or task and follow through, let alone relax and enjoy yourself when you feel you should be able to. There are probably some pretty brilliant solutions to your problems in there, they just get lost in the overthinking and distraction.

    Overwhelm: You know your goals. You know you are capable of achieving them. Then you add and add to what you “should” be doing until the weight of it starts to crush you. Maybe starting one task makes you think of 5 more and you end up with 6 partially complete projects. Or perhaps everything seems so important that it becomes a challenge to prioritize. At some point your brain says “nope” and shuts down and the next thing you know you’ve watched 8 hours of Netflix or learned the political beliefs of everyone you went to high school with (thanks Facebook!)

    Guilt, shame, and self-defeating thoughts: Your inner critic is MEAN. That swirl of non-stop thoughts I mentioned above? A good chunk of them are telling you that you are a mess (you aren’t) or that you aren’t worthy of a nice life (you are). Sometimes this comes from a history of being invalidated by people who were supposed to care for you unconditionally. Sometimes it is a misguided belief that the reason you aren’t achieving your goals is because you are too easy on yourself. 

    Life gets better

    I have worked with folks on their own paths of this same journey for over a decade. What I have learned is that you have every reason to feel hopeful. I have seen how powerful therapy can be for creating change. It isn’t magic-though that would be nice. Therapy is an opportunity to focus inward in a safe and supportive environment; to gain clarity, to own your story, to learn tools that make life feel more manageable and enjoyable, and to set goals in a way that works with and not against that busy mind.

    If you are ready to see some changes, I would be honored to work with you. You can schedule a consult through this site to talk further.

    About Suzie Rapisardo

    Did you know the number one predictor of someone meeting their goals in therapy is a strong therapeutic relationship? Feeling safe and understood (and liked!) in the therapy room is vital to getting you to where you want to go. The most consistent and meaningful compliment I get from my clients is that I help them to feel more calm and comfortable with each appointment. Feeling anxious about starting therapy doesn’t mean it is the wrong choice for you or that you are not ready. That fear is an expected part of the process. I get nervous meeting a new client too! I like to acknowledge the awkwardness of it all and will not rush you as we build trust.

    My approach:

    You are investing in therapy because you want some things to change. That sometimes requires tough conversations. It certainly does not require shame or judgement, however. If you are seeking someone who is direct in a compassionate and uplifting manner, we will be a fantastic fit. I also love learning my client’s unique strengths and will remind you of them every chance I get.

    I specialize in working with clients experiencing some combination of anxiety, ADHD, and history of trauma. I incorporate a variety of therapeutic interventions, especially Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and mindfulness to tailor treatment to each individual’s needs. I also incorporate skills for building self-compassion into all aspects of therapy. When you believe you are truly deserving of reaching your goals, therapy becomes so much more effective and enjoyable. If that sounds really out of reach right now, please know that we can work on it together.

    About me:

    I am a Licenced Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of experience in the mental health field. When I’m not working, my favorite things are chasing my tornado of a toddler, trying all the foods (especially all the cheeses!), music festivals, and hikes. I am also travel obsessed and am determined to see every last place on the planet.